We Appreciate Your Support

They suffer every day, even if you can not see it. Support them. Give them hope. Please...

What happens with my money?

Your money is used for the 2 following things

1.  For flights, vet bills and medicine for the dogs who arrive at Germany.

2. If no dogs are send to Germany at the moment your money goes to the shelter of Suki Su, China.
(Valarie Iannello, Director of the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, has full insight into all the money.)

Each donor receives a donation receipt, which he has made via the integrated form. In Germany the donation receipt is tax-deductible. In all other European countries, in consultation with the relevant financial authority.

These dogs need our help! Please join us. Share our reports on Facebook and wherever you can. Be part of the mission to end these cruel practices.

Donationform (with receipt) use outside of Facebook

PayPal (without receipt)

With this PayPal-Button, you will NOT receive a donation receipt from us. If you need a donation receipt from us, please use the form on the left.


If you are not a friend of money donations, you can give joy to the rescued dogs through the AmazonWishList.

Questions about the donation

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